"It is an illusion that photographs are made

with the camera

They are made with the eye the heart and


Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photography is all about that for me. It is about capturing a

pure moment, that concentrated blink of reality and when

you open your eyes, it has gone.

But the shutter caught the light, the smile, the beauty, the

sincerity, the hope, the love, the joy in it's blink. 

There is a magic in that.

My job is to be stood there, in the right space when all the elements fall together and when that fraction of time unfolds.....then click

my aim is for you to never know I'm there, moving, looking and waiting for that special click. that is my passion and my privilege


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predominately based in the beautiful ribble valley area of Lancashire but i travel extensively for work commissions. for all enquiries commercial OR personal you can contact me via the 'enquiries' form on my home page, via social media links throughout the website or call me on 

07984 539757



Airshack Design Studio, Manchester

New and Reclaimed Flooring Company, Manchester

Live Ribble Valley Magazine

Greendale View Kitchens

Lulu browns bridal boutique

brooks gelato

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